Intercommunal Hospital Center | Villeneuve-Saint-Georges
Technical sheet

Intercommunal Hospital Center | Villeneuve-Saint-Georges


The Hospital: a Modern-Day Abbey

It took 1,149 days to complete the first two works sections of the Intercommunity Hospital Center at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. This ordinary yet unique adventure, punctuated with pitfalls and paved with enthusiasm, is recounted in "La Traversée". This fascinating photo book signed by Michel Rémon presents photos and accounts from everyone who contributed their know-how to the building.

The story of 1,840 people who poured 15,253 cubic meters of concrete and assembled 3,000 tons of stone and a host of other elements to "complete the original shape" before the final works section: rehabilitating the existing high-rise building.

The women and children’s center located to the southwest in front of the main façade renews the silhouette of the building complex by reorienting its volumes toward a more generous entrance.

The architectural solutions adopted for the added lower levels use the slope of the land and affirm the identification of the site with, in particular, a retaining wall made of gabions.

In this way, the program resolves the hospital’s relationship ground: "The building base, located twelve meters below [the] ground floor, was designed to welcome the public gently and with generosity. ... the resolute and oblique path of the skyline anchors the center firmly in the perspective of arrival at the hospital.”

By adding the women and children’s center unit to that of the CHI, the project modernized the overall functioning of the institution. A link joins all levels of the two buildings together. Underground, two galleries linking the old and new areas improve the flow of personnel between them.


"On the outside, the building follows the slope while respecting the scale of the neighborhood. It opts for the formal possibility of an oblique anchoring, elegantly avoiding imposing a permanent shadow on the surroundings. From the entrance hall, a breathtaking view over the Seine Valley transmits the energy of this suburb which bustles under a sky crisscrossed by airplanes right to the horizon."

Fiche Technique

Extension and restructuring / Public Operation

CHI Villeneuve-Saint-Georges

Construction cost
€ 148,4 million excluding tax

Net floor area
53 700 m²  Total 
9 300 m²    Existing area
16 600 m²  New area
27 700 m²  Restructuration

2004 – 2017


- Construction of a pediatric and OB-GYN, women and children’s center: operating suite with nine operating rooms, obstetrics wing, hospitalization, external consultations, central pharmacy, laboratories (120 beds)
- Restructuring of the existing high-rise: safety, façades, smoke evacuation, security station, medical fluids area (461 beds)
- Covered parking lot



Lightning designer
Coup d’Éclat  

Engineer and Economist
EGIS Bâtiments

Jean Isaza 



Pictures: Anne-Claude Barbier, Mathieu Ducros