Biology Laboratories | Montpellier Regional Hospital Center
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Biology Laboratories | Montpellier Regional Hospital Center

Under construction

Ground Plan and Soaring Lines

The grouping of the Montpellier CHRU biology laboratories in one building is a first step in the reconstruction of the Lapeyronie site. An urban concept drives this evolution: the biology center is the "cornerstone" of an expected sequence and highlights the relationship between the hospital and the Faculty of Medicine.

The center building navigates a paradox: it must have as many functions as possible on each level, but its silhouette must emerge vertically in the Montpellier skyline to become the emblem of the hospital's renewal. Four vertical blades encircle the two blocks of laboratories and transcend the structure to give a soaring feel to these two small "skyscrapers". The building seems to be divided into two but is actually a single functional entity connected by a central element. The various activities are assembled rationally: on the lower ground floor, a large space brings together in a rational way the "pre-analytical" section, PURR and the EFS (French blood service).

Biological Genetics (second floor) retains a special relationship with INSERM medical research and Cytology (first floor) via a dedicated vertical link. Microbiology is on one level only (third floor).

Façades were treated according to a heliotropic principle to control solar gains while limiting the use of mobile protective systems as much as possible.

The Center is located to the northwest of a structuring esplanade that resolves the levels issues raised by the variable topography of the site. This esplanade, which will serve to the future CHRU buildings, has been expertly planted by landscape architect Laure Planchais. It thus looks like a hanging garden with a floral range that recalls the old close links between the Montpellier Faculty of Medicine and the city's Botanical Garden, featuring extraordinary collections.

"The vertical elements slide light from the sky down to the ground, while the fashioning of the horizontal levels recompose the topography in which the new building is set."


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3D: Golem

Fiche Technique

New-build / Public Operation

CHRU Montpellier

Construction cost
€ 62,8 Million excluding tax

Net floor area
21 000 m2

2015 - 2024



- Biochemistry, clinical endocrinology, medical pharmacology and toxicology
- Hematology and immunology
- Biological genetics
- Microbiology
- Laboratory medicine
- Reproductive biology and infertility

- Cytometry
- Separation methods
- Biological resources
- Hot laboratory

Team members


Landscape designer
Laure Planchais

General contractor
SETEC bâtiment



Eric Giroud
Karine Bourdé Vacher

Studies + work site