National School of Court Registrars / Ministry of Justice
Technical sheet

National School of Court Registrars / Ministry of Justice


When seen from the outside before 2003, the Ecole Nationale des Greffes was far from emblematic. On the other hand, a vast glass roof gave the building stature inside.

Appointed to double the built area, Michel Rémon created a street facade that links the existing building to the new construction rather than just increasing its floor area. Within the premises, a new patio extends the space under the glass roof. When the extension was completed, reforms of judicial procedures were implemented before undertaking construction of the “convivial” spaces, such as the footbridge across the patio. Today, the hatched gable indicates that the project remains uncompleted.

However, the intention to respect the architectural integrity of the existing building remains, while reinvigorating it with the extension.

Fiche Technique

Extension et restructuring / Public Operation

Ministry of Justice

Construction cost
€ 39,2 million, excluding tax

Net floor area
27,916 m² including 15,881 m² shon existing

2003 – 2011 


Classrooms (1,950 m²), 213 student rooms (2,980 m²), library (500 m²).

Team members

Architect in charge
Atelier d’Architecture Michel Rémon

Lightning design
Coup d’éclat

Engineer and Economist
IGREC Ingénierie


Pictures: Gael Romier