Torpedo Stadium Moscow
Technical sheet

Torpedo Stadium Moscow

Moscow, Russia
Under study

A stadium at the heart of the district

Our project for the STRELTSOV stadium will create the new heart of the neighborhood that stretches between Vostochnaya Street and Moskova. A HEART that will achieve unity between the existing neighborhood and the new residential complexes that will be built at the edge of the Moskva.

An iconic site into the heart of Moscow.

The boulevard and the forecourt of the stadium open on a sublime panorama of  Moscow, thanks to the slope of more than 16 meters that separates them from the river. Our project of the new stadium will highlight this opening of the site on  the large landscape.

A balcony on moscow

The different entrances of the stadium are spread over the perimeter of this oval according to the sectors of spectators. The People’s Forum, in the East is accessible from the top, as currently. The official platform in the west is accessible from below the forecourt, on the Moskva side, by the new avenue at the bottom of the field. Also, it is possible to reach the car park from this side The supportes are entering the stadium from the top of the stands and walk down to their seats. The arena blow is design without " vomitories" and continous such  as ancient theater. The Fans are cheering and supporting close together the team. The experience and atmosphere will be breathtaking!

The oval stadium envelope is protecting the spectators from harsh weather condition and provides full comfort from the inside. Also, It offers an excellent acoustic atmosphere for the fans during match games. This continuous envelope will also shield the new residences from the stadium noise nuisance on match days.

A garden city

Outside Match days, the access route to the stadium becomes a fluid pedestrian pathway that links the Boulevard at the top of the field, which includes  the connection with the new residential development along the river banks of  Moskva.

These courses complement each other with tree-lined walks linking all the parks of the district: The park of the Stade district, the park of the Simonov monastery, the ZIL Cultural Center park ...

Organized around its iconic stadium, your new neighborhood will become a «garden city» where life will be good. Our vision is to utilize a state-of-the-art facility to make Tropedo Stadium an entertainment and sporting destination in the heart of Moscow city, and a platform to develop the country’s promising young sporting talent and a destination for the local community and fans.

A key factor of this development is to promote healthy lifestyle and enhacing the well-being of the community, offering a park facilities with surrounding activities to develop the area.

Fiche Technique

New-build/ Private operation


Construction cost  
€ 80 Million excluding tax

Net floor area
40 000 m²

2019 - 2023

15 000 places



Local adaptor

Cyril Mardoukhaev